I'm a Kid!

I Guess I'm a Brony!

Guess I’m a Brony!  I didn’t even know about brony’s until recently, I just happen to have gotten obsessed with the show.  Well, nothing of which to be ashamed!

Here’s the thing: the newer version (starting in 2016?) is really good.  It covers some serious and important stuff (resilience, existential crises, disappointment, evil, forgiveness, sacrifice), stuff that most adults could use a healthy boost of as well.  And, it does it in an entertaining and memorable way (with Catchy Tunes!).  22 minute episodes make it good for my commute, and good for the kids too (not too long, no commercials).  And, assuming not all adults are like me and will actually love the show themselves, it provides amazing opportunities for teachable moments with the kids.

It’s hard to remember my life pre-MLP.  I vaguely remember being confused by all the names of the ponies and things like “Cutie marks” and Alacorns.  Now I wonder what my cutie mark would be (I have a gecko tattoo?), what my name would be (Grumpy Rainbow?), and how I ever survived without a MLP Spotify station.  Twilight Sparkle is on my crew, Equestria Girls is in the queue, and I have the perfect thing for the loo (sorry, needed the triple rhyme).  Game of Thrones?  Ugh.  Rock the MLP.

These days, I find myself thinking “What would Twilight Sparkle do?”  (WWTSD?) and “What would Pinky Pie do (WWPPD?) and “What would Apple Jack do”? (WWAJD?).  Less so with Rarity (even though she IS generosity), Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.  In fact, there was an extended period where every day I was asking myself either “what would X pony do” OR “What would Jean Val Jean do? (WWJVJD?)j.  In addition to watching all of the MLP seasons, I also read the full un-abridged Les Miserables (in English)…on my phone!  In phone pages, that’s 22642 pages.  Les Mis is amazing, but it’s not 22 minutes.  I suppose 8 seasons is about 60 hours…so, tough call on which one to go for!  If you have kids, probably MLP.

While we’re on “kids stuff” that is better (or just more enjoyable) than a lot of adult entertainment, check out Harry Potter.  We are reading the illustrated versions right now and having a blast.  Fluffy the 3 headed dog is particularly popular.

If only there was a Pottermore equivalent for MLP so we can hypothesize on  how Pinkie Pie has so many of magical abilities (Pinkie Sense, uncanny knowledge, teleportation, etc).  Oh wait, there is!  (Link to MLP site).

Next time you are about to pull out your phone to FaceBook or want a quick escape, why not spend 22 minutes with The Mane Six.  I’m waiting anxiously for Season 9 to make its way to Netflix. Until then, I’ll have to make do with watching the full length MLP movie on repeat and falling asleep to my favorite MLP tunes.

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